Saturday, September 30, 2006


I like my needles sharp, effective, to the point. Able to pierce skin with minimal effort. What I have instead is something that honest to goodness makes me think that I have rawhide for skin. However I know that's not the case, but apparently the needles that I'm injecting myself with are dull. Don't ask - I have no idea how I got the flat end of the stick in this endeavor, however these needles are dull. At least for this pen they are.

The ovidrell the last two times has been like this. The first time it was D doing the injecting so I thought he was full of stool about it... last month I did the injecting and it took more effort than I would have liked so it wasn't just in his mind. So - my question is do I just go with the flow whine a bit and get on with it. (Remember the PIO injections - no whining from me about those so this is a fluke) Subcutaneous injections are a breeze if the needle isn't dull.

It's just weird. These are new unused needles - in theory they should be sharp and effective, how did I get the dull ones. I know they are because now I have two lovely looking bruises on my pudgy abdomen and it isn't from D abusing me or the dogs jumping on me. Remind me again that I'll be happy when this is over and I can get to the fun stuff like the IM injections of progesterone. Probably should go out and buy another heating pad as apparently the one we currently have is on the blink - it works for about 5 minutes then dies for 30 minutes.

Oh and amazingly enough I had my first low census day in five years. I know that these are few and far between and a luxury, but I enjoyed the night curled up with the dogs on the couch watching TV... attempting to crochet another blanket (this one for myself) that I have no idea how the heck it will turn out, but I love the color and feel of the yarn... Red... I may not have mentioned that my old favorite color was black- it was. My new can't live without, have to have all over the house color is red. Fortunately D likes the color as well.

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Kristen said...

Wow, I am glad I am not the only one. The past two days of Lupron have felt like I was stabbing (or rather jabbing) that dang needle into my stomach. Fun, fun. :>)