Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It Must Be the Progesterone...

I'm slowly becoming insane... I've picked fights with my husband - over stupid things. Seriously stupid. Here are two examples...

1. He wouldn't come sit and watch "The Muppets" with me. I spent the next hour and a half or so saying "Come sit with me." I'm never that whiney. Then I was pissed because he wouldn't come sit with me. I didn't kiss him goodnight last night because of it.

2. He has a lock box, I asked him to put something in it for me, then he locked it back up. I asked to see what else was in his lock box and he wouldn't open it up for me. I tried to physically take the keys out of his hands to look at it, threatened to use power tools on the lock box, etc. Finally after my trump card of - what's yours is mine, what's mine is yours and I wouldn't keep anything from you if I had a lock box - he opened it... a birth certificate (his), our marriage license, some checkbooks from an account we no longer have (that I made him throw out) and the ring I asked him to put in there.

I had to escape before I lost my mind anymore than I already had... when work called it was my savior. I got called in to work at 1130 at night and I missed the call as D was screening the call, but I called them back to see what they wanted. This doesn't happen frequently but they were slammed. The peds floor had an explosion of patients, and the PICU had their fair share as well... so I took 2 kids and helped to lighten the other's loads. Also while getting paid call in pay. So I went in and worked 8 hours.

Then I come home this morning to my wonderful husband, my irritated dogs (I abandoned them) - now forgiven. I then read of Karen who now has a lovely daughter named MP and her and Random are mommy and daddy to this gorgeous girl. I promptly cried tears of joy at the news and the updates. I also went over to Alex and cried some more. Now granted all of these are sappy reasons to cry and I'm generally a glutton for that - especially if it's in my own home. This just seems like too much. It has to be the progesterone.

Oh and who had the bright idea to give me ovulation pain? Seriously could have done just fine without experiencing that. Apparently my ovaries had a field day because they still are a bit tender to the touch - or my lower abdomen just aches occasionally for no apparent reason. Traitor.

So now I'm going to go to sleep... so I can go back to work tonight (yes it's my one odd stretch of work) wake up and order my tickets for the TSO concert in December because damnit I'm not missing it again. Then life will be peachy after that right? As long as I finish that baby afghan for one of my friends who has a shower coming up on the 23rd... I won't name names but she knows who she is.


Mandy said...

No worries on the afghan. I have a feeling all of the baby projects I have in the works right now are gonna be late as well.

As for the TSO tickets. Let's make sure you know exactly when the concert is this year! ;)

casey said...

It is clear that your husband is provoking you. And I'm not even on progesterone right now.

The warning label on those scrips should say "Violent mood swings possible. Hide sharp instruments and engage in affable conversation about light topics only" and "No matter what, she's right."

Then he would have known that "The Muppets" should have been a sure thing.