Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Bit Big For My Britches...

First off - Mickey has been evicted... Mickey as in mouse... I came home to that news yesterday morning. I didn't even ask D for the details. I just was happy to hear that he is apparently gone and that him and his buddies ate all the decon. I'm hoping to find no more Mickeys that's for sure.

Now on to the real reason all of you come to check out my blog... Today was my date with the vag cam. E2 was 250 so that increased which is good. I got out of work on time - amazing as Friday I didn't. Got to the office (which is an hour away from where I work) with 20 minutes to spare and was very shocked at how many cars were actually in the parking lot. It's a Sunday and they elected to be closed on Saturday and Monday for the holiday weekend. Generally weekends and holidays that means you get the doctor to do your scan. I didn't know if it would be my doctor or his partner.

I went back - and in walks the partner. Now I've never met him. I've seen his picture and he looks nice. I know others that go to him and they all love him as well as his partner so I had high hopes. He didn't let me down. We did the preliminary introductions - he wanted to make sure he pronounced my name correctly - he didn't I corrected and he made a note to make sure he would remember how to say it. Then we got down to the business at hand. He didn't let me down.

I was not made to feel as if I was a gear shift or that someone was hunting for their missing keys in my vagina. He was able to immediately find my uterus took the picture. My right ovary (the bitch) was of course being a pita and trying to play hide and seek - he was just getting ready to tell me he was going to have to press on my abdomen when voila' there it was - 15 then wham another one 10. He moved over to the other side and again didn't feel as if my cervix was being ripped off which is always a good thing - and he goes "That's what I was looking for." I laughed - 17, 14, and 10. So yeah uhmm 5 follicles and we're triggering tonight. I know my lining looked good so the quest for baby begins tomorrow... my in laws are visiting so I guess I'll have to be quiet.

Now the reason for this title was due to the fact I cockily said - oh I won't be stressing about a beta or pregnancy test or whatever I decide to do around my anniversary. I'm triggering tonight which is the 3rd. I could get a beta done on my anniversary. I'm not. So D took the liberty of ordering 50 hpts. Apparently we don't want to go through things when we can accurately tell the beta level by an hpt on our own. We'll have one done when it's obvious.

So he's granted permission... I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm going to try not to blow all 50 in one spot and most likely won't be prematurely peeing on anything. We shall see. We start the PIO on Thursday. Let the fun begin.

Oh and Happy Labor Day!


Maribeth said...

Oh happy day! Now you just go and have fun and if it means getting a little noisy, well the in-laws will just have to understand. And if they don't, well, (giggle giggle) screw em!
Have a happy holiday weekend.

Thalia said...

Sounds like you've got some good follicles to go on, let's hope that's all you need!

Stephanie said...

50 hpts???

SOunds like you got some great follicles though.

Oh and I think I conceived when my sister, BIL and niece were visiting, they are none the wiser ;)