Sunday, September 24, 2006

Apparently it's Week 1

Apparently I signed up for some things back in January... you know the month of the clomid pregnancy that wasn't? Well I of course was still very optimistic that things would work out and signed up for a few newsletters... you know your pregnancy week x, etc. Once that pregnancy went tits up I promptly unsubscribed. However the websites were apparently keeping track as I think I received an email last week stating "Congratulations on Week 1 with your newborn." I think I threw something then unsubscribed. This morning I also received yet another email - saying "Feeding your newborn" I'm a fairly level headed person - I just looked at D and said - guess we forgot a due date and apparently a baby as look what I just got. He goes - good lord din't you unsubscribe from those things a long time ago? I thought I had. Apparently not.

Fortunately this hasn't sent me into a fit of depression. I vaguely know when various due dates are coming and have been prepared for any eventuality. These emails I now am prepared for so if they happen again - delete my friend... delete.

My period still hasn't shown up. I neglected to mention a minor chemical pregnancy that occurred (truthfully I was ignoring it because hell calling it number 10 just sucks). Spotting started on Monday (okay it was a spot- couldn't even call it a spotting incident) so we took a hpt and it was well f'd up, so we continued with the progesterone... the tests would swing back and forth between positive and negative and had some more spot on Thursday so on Friday I quit the progesterone and am now waiting patiently or not so patiently for my period to show up. On the positive side of things at least I didn't get a beta done because I am pretty positive if I had we'd be hearing "rest S & D" and well we all know how well that goes. On the bright side of things this works out better for us in regards to timing of the procreation race as D will be going to days in October and well... if ovulation day happened while I was working a stretch we wouldn't see each other for 3 of the 6 days. So it would have been a wasted effort so to speak.

On the other bright side - I finished the afghan. I finished it on Thursday night. I hope the baby likes it... and that Mandy gets back to Idaho with her tator tot uneventfully and on time. It was great to see her and the others at the party. My mom had fun and well that's a great thing.

So - I'm back and hopefully will be back in the proverbial saddle shortly.


Theresa said...

First time I'm commenting... so Hi :-)
And wondering if you happen to have a picture of the afghan?

KrisAndRod said...

The afghan looked great. You are too crafty. Don't sell yourself short. It was great to visit for a little bit. Tell your mom thanks for being a surrogate grandma for a little while. V loved it!

DD said...

Sami, have you and D been tested for chromosomal anomolies? I checked your "about me" and I didn't see it in there.

I just can't even how frustrating all of this is for you. Ugh.