Friday, September 15, 2006

Follow Up to Impatient

I emailed the author of the story. I haven't heard back from her as of yet, but I felt that I needed to comment to her directly.

I think that the world as a whole has this image of infertility as that which affects those that are in their 30's and 40's. We all know that isn't totally true - that there are many individuals in their 20's who are affected by infertility. I think the standard for all women should be 6 months of trying unprotected or if you're charting etc and find out that after 2-3 months you're annovulatory then you should at the very minimum see your ob/gyn. This is of course only my opinion.

I know I wouldn't have been tested for as many recurrent miscarriage markers if I hadn't been aggressive with my doctor. I know that because I was the one bringing up the tests. He wasn't. I love my ob/gyn - he's a great guy who is a great doctor. However - he felt initially that my asking for the endometrial biopsy was overkill. When it came up that bingo I have a luteal phase defect he apologized for putting me off of having it after the first miscarriage back in June of 2005.

No, having the answers doesn't mean that you are automatically fixed, but it does mean that you go into things with your eyes wide open. I'm all about having my eyes wide open. I don't wear blinders about my health in general let alone about my infertility. I know the statistics... I know what research is out there in regards to habitual aborters. That doesn't mean that this month or even next month the stars will align and we'll be pregnant with that take home baby, but it does mean that we're at least trying all that we can to accomplish that.

Ultimately that's all you can do. Try try try try try again. Fortunately I'm persistent.

Until later alligators I'll be paddling and looking unruffled on the surface.


DD said...

I've never understood the logic of a doctor telling one to "wait and see" with infertility when it is an illness. What other illness would a doctor get away with doing that on?

SaraS-P said...

Maybe being impatient is a positive trait. It can get you what you want, after all.

Lorem ipsum said...

I confess, I read It's a really bitchy gossip site. Guilty pleasure.

A few months ago they ran some pictures of Jennifer Lopez with roots, followed by speculation that she stopped dying her hair because she was pregnant. And do you know what the commenters said? 'That bitch is too old.' (What is she, 36?) With that sort of attitude, is it really any surprise that these 25-year-olds are rushing to see REs 'before it's too late'? Frankly, I question the judgement and reason of many of them. (I also believe, though, that when you're 25 you're still in that post-high school, post-college aura where you want to still have everything in common with your friends - including have a baby if they are. Truth is, you aren't always going to have things in common. But that's okay - by our age you're old enough to sustain such relationships despite distance, divergent careers and child/marital status.)

All that said... I'm glad my OB referred me to my RE. Fertility issues sometimes go away on their own, sometimes not (e.g. septum). I have been blessed with a thorough and aggressive RE. If you suspect you're having problems, by all means find answers. Knowledge is power.