Wednesday, September 06, 2006

And They're Off

Doesn't this whole ttc thing feel like you're in a race to the finish?

No - it doesn't? Well it does to me.

This title has two topics the first is that my house is my own again... my mil/fil have vacated the premises... it was a nice visit, they could have stayed longer, however they are headed to their cabin now as they had a new well dug and need to test the water.

The other - I'm sure I've ovulated at this point as we're about 60 hours post trigger.

The other reason I'm sure I ovulated is I had abdominal pain. Seriously... twinges every now and again. A few seconds where I was thinking wtf am I getting myself into? See - I've never had ovulation pain. Can't say it's all that fun. So now we wait. Hopefully the sperm and the eggs can meet/unite and make nice. Then they need to take a jaunt down to the good ole ute and settle in.

On an odd note - I'm out of the closet. Some of my coworkers asked a bunch of questions - I answered. I educated on habitual aborters... it was weird and good at the same time. I'm all about letting people know about infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. However - it's also disconcerting when people know where you're at in your cycle. Make sense?

So now we wait. We also have to clean and sleep. Guess which one I'm going to do first????



Maribeth said...

A blogger I read, Zoot, was a habitual aborter. She went through a long period of time thinking it would never happen. Last Octobver she gave birth to NikkiZ and we all followed through her pregnancy. She just couldn't believe it, (that she was pregnant) until the day they put that baby in her arms.
Keep your chin up. I'm saying a lot of prayers!

Mandy said...

Sleep sounds good to me too. Cleaning can wait until tomorrow! ;)

Continuing to hope for good things for this cycle. Thanks for the update yesterday. Glad we got to chat, if only for a few minutes.

Lorem ipsum said...

Great for you for educating people about something they never, ever would think about. And I'm so over people knowing where I am in my cycle - I don't talk about it, but it's pretty obvious the days I go to the doctor, retreat to a conference room with my cell phone, have puffy eyes from crying, etc. Those who know anything at all know what's going on.

I hope this is the end for you, and that this two-week wait is the beginning of the next wonder.

Kath said...

Dear Sami, I wish you all the luck in the world! May your ovulation pain have been a signal that the eggs were particularly good this time...

And bless you for educating people. It's important.

Jennie said...

Too bad the inlaws couldn't have come to visit now instead of the other day, it probably would have helped to distract you from the horrors of the 2ww.

I used to tell a couple of the women I worked with everything about the ttc. It was wierd but I was pretty close to them, and they alway seemed interested. Or at least they pretended to be interested!