Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Moving Forward

In August of 2001 I started working at the hospital I currently work for. I was finishing up a non traditional nursing program and working full time as a paramedic in an urgent care center. The hospital that owned the urgent care had offered me a position in their surgical ICU and I turned it down. I wanted to work ER.

I accepted a position and externship for the ER at the hospital I currently work for. My first shift at the ER was the worst way to start an orientation in my life... they put me with another extern and was having her orient me. Okay - bad move on their part. I left going if this is what orientation for this hospital is I want no part of it. A week later I met with an educator, the extern coordinator, and the woman who just took over managing my old unit. Her and I hit it off instantly... she recognized I had a lot of knowledge, and was intelligent, and that I was eager to learn. I agreed to do an externship in the trauma care/burn/neuro/surgical intensive care unit. I still was planning on going to ER once I had my nursing license.

Slowly they sucked me in, and recruited me to stay on. In the 4.75 years that I've worked there... TCU was my home. I left that home this morning for the last time and am moving to a new home. It was bittersweet... one of the nurses I worked with last night taught me how to admit... and by that I mean whenever she was in charge I ALWAYS got admits, transferred patients out, and admitted patients in... I learned how to do it quick and competently. When the shit was hitting the fan she was there by my side. I'm going to miss working with her on a regular basis.

I'm moving to the third floor from the first... it's a big change going from adults to kids... I'm up for the challenge and excited at the opportunity. I love kids... and if I can help them than that makes it worthwhile... Yes, it'll be hard when a child dies, or a family is given devestating news... but do you know what I think is the best part... You have a better shot with kids. Even when things are particularly grim kids are remarkable human beings that have a tremendous resiliency that adults just do not have. I may actually see some that just amaze me that they are able to survive and function and improve and be "normal" again... that's the part I'm looking forward to.

They did throw a goodbye party for me... Tuesday night... my last night. The day my RE wanted to do the d/c... I'm glad I fought to change the date because I would have felt awful to miss out on them saying goodbye... some having tears at my leaving.... and finishing it out on a good note.

Next week will be a week of changes both for me and for D... thankfully we're up for the challenge.

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Lorem ipsum said...

I hope that this move will be happy and life-affirming. I think you already know that you are in the right place...