Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Request

Please go give some love to Jill and to Vivien Both received devestating news today... and my heart breaks for them. I wish that neither of them had to go through this again... Hell I wish I never had to go through this again... Just let them know you're out there, that you care... that you wish this wasn't happening.

I started out with an expletive as a title... my husband saw what I had written and said "HONEY!" It's not a word I use often and it's one that he uses fairly regularly... and then as he saw the tears on my face he said whats wrong... he read both their posts, hugged me and said succinctly - that sucks. It does. It's unfair. It's awful, it's cruel, and it makes me very angry.

I wish that I could fix all of us or the pregnancies that we lost to make this better, easier... I don't know. I just wish that these wonderful women and their loving husbands didn't have to go through another loss. I wish the same for myself... but gosh I just want us all to end up on the other side, smiling, laughing and going - yeah this sucked, but boy it was worth it. Because right now... it doesn't feel worth it. It feels like your heart is breaking into a million pieces and you're standing there trying to pick up the shards and put it all back together.

Jill and Vivien - know I am thinking of you, praying for you, and sending love to you...


Jill said...

Thanks so much, Sami.

Vivien said...

Thank you Sami. It does mean a lot that there are people out there that care and know what it is like.