Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Odd Occurrences...

The other day (Tuesday) I had to go to a stupid computer class for a new charting system. I went after working all night. Since the class started at 8, I had a half hour to kill. I decided to go pick up my gonal-f from the hospital pharmacy. On my way there I walked past the valet, and almost to the hallway. A man who had a swollen, black and blue face said "Miss?" "Can you help me?" He had papers in his hands and as I walked up I nodded and said yes, how can I help you? I'll be honest he looked like hell... like someone had worked him over pretty well. His eyes were almost swollen shut, his one cheek was distorted and when he talked it sounded like his teeth were not lining up quite right. I looked at his paper and it was the name of the plastic surgeons that we use as burn doctors.... great group of guys who do great work and I knew they'd take good care of him. He wanted directions to where he could pick up his xrays as his appt was at 10 and he was homeless and had to get to the "drop off center" as they'd take him to the appt.

This whole time the valet guy is less than 10 ft away. I have NO idea where he'd go for those records so I asked the valet guy... he directed us to outpatient testing. I took the gentleman there. He kept going over and over that he was homeless and had to get the xrays for his appt, etc. Outpatient testing directed us to medical records. I took him there next. Both individuals that I spoke with regarding this man never acknowledged that this guy was even there, never offered to help him. I took him to medical records, asked if he knew how to get to the drop off center from here. Heck I think I would have given him a ride much to my husband's horror... (he was so worried about missing the appt if I hadn't had that class I probably would have.) He thanked me profusely and I went and picked up my gonal-f.

During this time 3 of my coworkers saw me with him. The first wondered where the heck I'd found my new friend... the other two knew what was going on and they started chuckling and I got an email asking if he was my new boyfriend. When I emailed them back with what had happened they both said - you did the right thing. He needed help and I somehow became the person he got the help from. I hope he made it to his appt. I also hope they're able to put his face back together again once the swelling goes down...

Today -
Found us shopping... we purchased a new washer and dryer - front loading energy efficient. I wheeled and dealed and saved approximately $200 and have 24 months to pay it off with 0% interest... can we all say phew. My mom will take my old washer and dryer as hers are on their last legs.

D has his psych eval tomorrow... physical was yesterday all went well. Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that that goes smoothly. I'm sure it will... but prayers and positive thoughts are always welcome.

My appt has been moved up to 10 a.m. on Friday. I swear we play musical appt's. This works great for us so at least we're able to move forward.

That concludes my odd occurrences of the week... how about you guys anything odd happen to you?

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Kath said...

Dear Sami, nope, nothing (very) odd here.

You did the right thing. It's so depressing how people simply ignore the homeless.

I'm glad you got a good send-off party. Good luck with your new job!

And above all good luck tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you.