Saturday, June 24, 2006

Surfacing and Moving Forward

D was nice enough to post a brief message... I just read it and yes, I was snowed at that particular moment. He took excellent care of me, not that I doubted it, but I just have to give him some complements as he was truly fabulous yesterday. He also spoke with my mom, my sister, his mom, the blog world, my friends via email, and anyone else he felt needed to know how I was doing. He stayed by my side the entire day/night, made sure I ate and just took all around excellent care of me. He's a better nurse than i am for him.

D was able to go back with me while the d/c was being done, and that helped with my nerves, he was the one who said to them - "I think she's going to be sick" Which made them promptly grab a basin and hope that I didn't kind of thing. Things went as smoothly as could be expected. The valium in spite of taking it an hour early hadn't fully kicked in for a while... they started an IV on the first try which was great, and the fentanyl worked nicely as well. I did need some extra while he was in there, but all in all it went better than I hoped.

I asked about the antibiotic, because last time I had a script for one, and I didn't know if I needed one or not. I did... just 2 doses though which was good. I took that about a half hour before we left, and I think that's what made me throw up. We finally left there and D took a corner and we were driving straight and I just turned looked at him and said "pull over pull over" He promptly did, I opened the door and well the rest as they say is history. D was grabbing my cell phone dialing the doctor's office number trying to get a hold of the nurse who had taken care of me - once he did he had her call something in. However we still had an hour drive before we'd get where that prescription was.

So we started out again... and we weren't even out of the parking lot I had to yell - STOP again. Now D's starting to sweat as it's going to be a long drive if he has to keep doing that. Fortunately he gave me a few minutes, my stomach chilled out and off we went. Picked up my prescription and took some and by the time we got home my nausea was there - but much better. D also stopped and bought sea bands in the hopes that would help as well. They did to a certain extent, I was able to sleep in the car which was good and he didn't have to pull over on a busy stretch of highway which was also good.

So... I'm on the mend. I've got a list of questions for my doctor that I plan on taking with me for my appt... my RE does offer free counseling, however both D and I feel okay about this loss... or at least as okay anyone could be. Yes, this sucks, but we got farther than we've ever gotten before and for us that means something... like we're on the right track so to speak.

So pray for a quick cycle, as I'd like to cycle again soon and know I'm doing much better, D is thankful that I'm much better and so are the pups. Lola clung to me once I got home and Ernie tried to smother me with love... Chance tried to stand on my head and give me kisses... silly dogs.

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Mandy said...

Better Chance standing on your head than Ernie!

I'm thankful too that you're doing much better and will continue to pray for a quick, easy cycle so you can get on track.