Friday, June 16, 2006

What's my Favorite Number?

There is one person in the real world and the blogosphere that knows what that number is... I'll give you a hint... it's also my current age (that I just turned today) Not to shamelessly plug myself, but okay I am... gifts can be sent to...

In all seriousness birthday's have kind of lost their specialness once you hit 16, and 21... now I'm going good lord I've been out of school for 10 years now. Fortunately D is older than me by 3 weeks, but that means he's older than me doesn't matter that it's a brief period of time.

I'll wrap this up at the end and let you know my age and favorite number.

Regarding all the beautiful comments that have been made regarding the soon to be vacating of the not negative. My optimism is something I cling to... I think it's due to my sheer stubborness... this will not kill me, this will not destroy me. Yes, this sucks, but if I didn't truly believe down to the bottom of my toees that eventually things would work out... I wouldn't keep trying. I guess I should be more specific here - D and I wouldn't keep trying. We both are gemini's and both of us carry a couple of those traits very obviously -we're both logical and rational and optimistic. Yes there are some of the bad traits of gemini that I have as well, but we're not going to go that route today... because hell it's my birthday and I said so.

A close friend and I recently had a talk via email... about this eternal optimism and my lack of emotion regarding these losses... It's not that I'm not emotionally invested because I am. It's just that I tend to get through those emotions quickly - short attention span? and focus on what's next rather than focus on what happened. I've always done this. D and I cried about this after we got the shitty news... now we're focused on the what next. We have to get through the d/c next Friday and move on from there... The what is next... is another round of injectables (you know the one we were supposed to do after our "rest" cycle... well we'll have another rest cycle... which will involve actually resting -there will be NO more slip ups... and we're going to make our doctor work for his money... his job is to get us knocked up and have it actually work out and maybe even hold our hand through the process who knows... but we'll get through this. Eventually we will have a happy ending.

So we're still determined, we're still a little nutty, and we're still doing okay.

Now do you want to know my favorite number and how old I am? It's the number that I always had when I played softball or volleyball in school.



Mandy said...

28 -- sounds like a good number to me...Happy Birthday my friend, sorry that it's not happening under better circumstances. ((hugs))

DinosaurD said...

Happy Birthday Sami (you're such a young 'un).

KrisAndRod said...

Happy birthday, girl. So sorry you can't celebrate some really great news today. Celebrate having survived another year, and celebrate the upcoming year being closer with/to your husband.

I've determined that 25 was a good age. I just keep turning 25 again and again!