Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Seriously what next you might ask?

Have I mentioned that my mother has gifted both my sister and I with horrible teeth. Seriously she gave us nice legs, but crappy teeth. In spite of flouride treatments, regular dentist appointments, fixing of cavities etc. Both my sister and I have had to have multiple cavities filled, root canals, etc. My sister had her root canal on Friday. I started having a weird pain on my back upper molar that already had a root canal in it on Saturday. I thought it might be the weather, but when I was debating as to which hurt worse - cramps or tooth pain the tooth pain won I knew. I had to make that call.

To my dentist. Who truly is a wonderful teddy bear kind of guy... who introduced me to the benefits of nitrous oxide which seriously I think if they would have given that to me during my d/c would have been just peachy. May have to mention that to the RE at my post op appt... just a thought of course.

So - I went to the dentist today. My old root canal which had been re-treated about 3 years ago has formed an abcess again. My big teddy bear dentist who was a linebacker in college football won't touch it. It's the funkiest tooth I have the roots all curve funky like. There are 3 options... 1 - retreat it again, 2 - have the roots clipped - don't ask I have no idea how they do this, or 3 - have it come out. I'm all for number 3 because truthfully that nitrous wasn't bad the last time and good lord why now when my husband's insurance is switching? Can things be any more confusing? I doubt it.

So next Wed we go for an appt to find out what to do with this tooth... and we'll go from there. In the meantime I'm on antibiotics... the strong kind. He also handed me a hefty script for painkillers and by hefty I mean - I take half a tab rather than a full one... if a junkie wanted to get high they could go to my dentist with tooth pain. This man I believe is the only one that remembers that I have a clotting disorder - my blood it doesn't clot all that well so motrin is out. He pulled a tooth for me a year or so ago and called us at home to make sure things were going okay and gave us his home phone number and cell number just in case if we needed anything... so we truly LOVE our dentist. He's just that good...

I also called the RE's office to get my stash supplied because well I haven't totally figured out D's new insurance other than we're both covered, and it takes effect on the 1st. So - gonal-f, ovidrel, and the blessed progesterone in oil will be happening with our next cycle. Our follow up appt with RE is on July 10th.

We're truly going to do all matters of preventing this cycle... even though we're already on a two week hiatus, we're planning on finding the condoms that work like 99.99999% of the time, and that we like rather than whatever brand it was that we had that I didn't like - those buggers are being thrown in the trash.

Tomorrow I start my new job. D - was sworn in today as an officer of nearby city. He has to petition the city council to allow him to live 35 miles outside of town rather than 20... it apparently isn't a big deal, but it totally freaked me out for about 10 seconds, then I thought what the hell else can go wrong. The chief doesn't appear concerned about it. I on the other hand am always leery of these kinds of things.

So it's official... I'm still broken... cramping came back... spotting still there, and well now we've got a bum tooth to add to the mix. D wasn't laughing quite so hard when he heard this news, because he just shook his head, hugged me and said - sorry honey it appears we haven't quite fixed you yet... I'll love you even if you have false teeth.

I promptly hit him.


Lorem ipsum said...

Did you hit him in the mouth? Because that way maybe he'll get false teeth, and then you'll have the last laugh.

Maribeth said...

I can sympathize about the teeth. Mine are the worst too, but because my mother didn't "do" dentists for her kids. Not good ones anyway.
Congrats on the new job for both you and hubby! Bright spots! ;~)

Marz said...

I have pretty bad teeth too.

But all I can say is, you poor girl, you take 1 step forward, 2 steps back. I sure hope the skies clear up over you soon.

Jill said...

Spotting, cramping, AND a bad tooth?! Ugh! When it rains, it pours. I hope and pray that you feel better soon.

Also, I hope that both you and your husband will love your new jobs.

MCK said...

Been there, doing that. As of Tuesday, I'm on steroids for swelling, Augmentin for infection, and Vicodin for pain. Ahh, root canal gone bad. I'm having dental surgery next Thursday. The endodontist couldn't do anything for me until the swelling and infection are both in check. I guess she has to cut into my gum and scrape and then suture. Fun, fun, fun. I feel your pain.

Good luck to you and congrats on the job fronts!

Mandy said...

Ugh. Tooth stuff sucks. I've been lucky to have very little dental problems at all. Cris on the other hand...yikes!

Hope your first day went well today, tooth pain, cramping, spotting and all. Seems like an awful lot to deal with all in one day. Will cross my fingers that D's petition goes through w/out a hitch.