Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Don't Oversleep

As the title suggests these were the words D uttered to me this morning when I called to let him know I was going home, taking a nap then going to my appt for a follicle scan. I didn't even register that he said them. Today was his first day on days in about 10 years - so he wasn't going to be home to make sure I didn't oversleep. (He's not thrilled about this daytime crap his words) I came home, set the alarm went to sleep with 3 puppy dogs that were angelic.

Alarm went off... I reset it thinking 15 minutes more would be great... and then awoke to the phone ringing at 4:15 pm. My appointment was at 3:15 pm. So I overslept.

i haven't overslept for anything in a long time... the only other recent time was when again someone either D or my mother said "Don't oversleep." I told D when I called to let him know I overslept that it was his fault... he uttered the words. The words that are like the kiss of death for me. When my mind hears them my mind goes - sleep yes we will... and we won't get up to save our lives.

Now the odd thing about all this is that I had 3 puppy dogs in the bedroom with me. They get up at 2:00 pm without fail - with irritating notice. I was planning on breaking them of this nasty habit that they learned from D - however I figured it would take a little while. It didn't as they were curled up next to me when the phone rang. I don't think the problem is the dog's inner alarm clock it's D's.

So - new follicle scan in the morning... I'm getting up when D goes to work and heading out at the same time. I'll wait in the parking lot for my turn... but darnit I'm not going to oversleep.

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