Saturday, December 16, 2006

8 days... is not long enough.

8 days is the number of days we've managed to stay away from the vet's office.

8 days was today... and today found me dragging 6 puppies back to the vet.

I woke up this mornig - okay D woke me up and so I went to check on everyone... first one was covered in poop - not cool Meg... not cool... granted it happened while she was having her morning run outdoors, but hey that's her job. Clean up in aisle 4.

So I cleaned Brown up... well I noticed Brown was more subdued than he normally is and just didn't seem all that "perky" granted it is 5:30 in the freaking morning. So I weighed everyone and noticed he hadn't gained that much. Tried to get him to nurse and to be honest he licked the ni*pple rather than sucked it. Hmm weird?

After much debate, I called... talked with the vet tech and was told - bring him in. So at noon today off we went to the vet. Again...

Brown has enteritis... poor little guy. The sh*t on him was his - he'd had some diar*hea... poor little guy. So what probably occurred since I did notice this issue while everyone was still on antibiotics is that the pink stuff was keeping the bug in check. Once off the pink stuff - sick puppy occurs. So Brown is now on a new antibiotic - yellow aka banana flavored. He's also getting some pedialyte until he perks up more. I've already noticed a difference... the listless little guy is back to being a bit more active though he tuckers out quickly.

Again I was reassured by the vet that "If you hadn't brought him in so quickly, we would have had a sick sick puppy on our hands." So... my gut is right on... and D will have the night shift with monitoring to make sure everyone is eating and not getting sick.

Puppy pics sometime tomorrow... promise.

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Maribeth said...

They keep us on our toes, don't they?