Friday, December 01, 2006

Stinking Weather- Pray that the power stays on!

We are under a winter storm warning... actually I think it's whatever the it's going to happen so better prepare yourself warning. It started last night and is going throughout the day until at the earliest 7 pm tonight.

The weather is weird... started as rain, then ice, and now snow. Anywhere from 2-12 inches in various areas of the state... we're in the I believe 2-6 range and D's work is in the 2" or less range. D took my vehicle to work and has made a request that I keep my tookus indoors and off the roads. Fortunately I don't need to drive anywhere.

My only concern is that the weather will knock out power. Then I'll be moving puppies to the living room and stoking the fireplace and praying that everyone gets along. Or I'll be holding various puppies under comforters etc in the effort to keep them warm.

I've figured out why dogs ears are sealed for the first few weeks - its so they don't have to hear their littermates catterwauling while eating. We have a bunch of noisy eaters in our household... by noisy I mean NOISY... one enjoys squawking while eating. This leads to either D or I getting up to check and make sure no one is getting squashed. I think it's safe to say we are prepared for parenthood after the last 6 nights.

D has never had puppies or kittens or anything that has given birth before... he's in awe of the little buggers. I of course have been the unfortunate owner of a "male" hamster named Ricky that turned into Rickette - when I came home to find 8 new hamster babies, a cat that was adopted and was pregnant and gave us 6 kittens. My sister reminded me of my dumb luck so to speak in regards to adopting animals and that I tend to somehow manage to pick the ones that are knocked up! So this has been a learning experience for D - one we won't be repeating.

I know God has a reason for why we ended up with Meghan of all the dogs to choose from. Maybe it's to make our Christmas that much more interesting as who can't enjoy puppies running around the tree?

PIO started last night... Beta is uhm I think December 11... Shoot should probably read the paper right? I'm thinking of putting a ticker up for the puppies age and also for the beta... Pictures will be forthcoming as soon as I can load them up on photobucket - as my internet connection right now is spotty with the weather - or sweet talk a friend into loading them up for me.

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