Thursday, December 21, 2006

Finally Sent and all that crap!

Yeah uhmmm not a whole hell of a lot going on in the 10 dog house... our casa is literally over run by pups. Meg and Chance had another altercation. Dan interceded - thank goodness Chance wasn't hurt - Meg took a snipe to the nose. We're not sure what prompted that one - Chance probably smelled differently due to his going to the vet for his teeth to be cleaned.

Teeth cleaning for a dog??? Oh yes - we had our precious pooch put out to have his teeth cleaned and toe nails trimmed and a tooth yanked. So now we have yet another dog on antibiotics... I hope Lola and Ernie heard the news that they are not to get sick as I'm sick of giving dogs antibiotics. Chance did fine with the teeth cleaning - we picked him up and he was glassy eyed it was to be honest quite comical.

Puppies are continuing to do well and now are playing with one another. The weaning process while slow is starting though truthfully we're not pushing it. Different stuff says between weeks 4 and 5, others say week 5, and then others say - the benefits of boob juice help the pups etc. So Meg is dictating some of it and if they spend more time chewing on the nipple then sucking well then off the boob it is. Yes you read that correctly - chewing vs sucking... poor Meg.

Dan still has on occasion called Meg a welfare mom... he gets irritated with her wanting to spend time away from the puppies. This has only gotten worse since he received the book I bought for his dad on puppies. He keeps telling Meg - "Those babies need you right now!" Then hauls her into the closet and sits down with her. Poor Meg she wants to be back on the bed or in her bed or something... nope not yet girlie.

I finally baked some cookies, managed to send out one of the packages I was supposed to send out and then of course finally addressed the envelopes for the Christmas card exchange I'm a part of. So - those of you in my group - they are being mailed out to you today - hopefully if D remembers to do it.

Today also found me gathering stuff around to make Chicken chili for D to take to a pot luck at work... He knows how to make it -so I gave him all ingredients and suggestions and sent him to work with a crock pot. We shall see how this goes.

My mom is slated to arrive on Saturday and I'm off on Sunday... then work Christmas and then the 26th my in laws arrive. I haven't wrapped everyone's presents yet... will get on that. I bought D a book that he can consider his Christmas gift - we bought each other an Ipod for Christmas so that's taken care of. Now I just have to find a Christmas card for him and I'm all set as well as make 2 cards for our parents.

Oh yeah did I mention I have 10 dogs to care for and work 12 hours each night the next couple nights... and D seems to think I've come down with mono as I've slept like the dead for the last week. I don't think I have mono - couldn't... just want to sleep the season away as it's come too soon.

Puppy pictures will occur and if I can ever figure out how to upload the video I've taken of them play fighting I will upload - that is quite the sight to see...

Oh yes and my chart - barren though it may be it is now on the side links...Will try to remember to update the thing...

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