Monday, December 04, 2006

So... Why does two weeks feel like an eternity?

As the title states... that is how this 2ww feels. It stinks. I am trying to ignore my body. I'm trying to focus on the puppies.

In the meantime this has led me to ALMOST forget my estrace twice, my PIO three times... Thank goodness it's been almost rather than definitely forgotten. However it always makes you go hmm... is it because I've become an old hat about this or is it because I truly don't care? I'm not sure that I know the answer to that.

I know that puppies aren't babies, but it's the closest thing I've got to babies. We're helping Meghan mother her puppies... and both D and I are total saps about the puppies. It's not a bad thing at all, it's just something you realize as you watch a puppy open it's eyes for the first time (So far only the heavy of the bunch has his eyes open - however I imagine by tomorrow we'll have a few more eyes open.)

On other fronts - I became the paranoid parent today... actually D & I both did. The pups tails were doc*ked last week Tuesday and things were going great... until we started trimming toenails and I noticed that one of the pups had a little somethiing on it's tail. That something was well to be blunt - not quite right. So I called the vet. We ended up taking all puppies in and 3 out of 6 are now on antibiotics due to their tails being quite possibly infected. So on top of remembering my antibiotics, estrace, PIO, etc... I now have to remember the puppies antibiotics - theirs are twice a day. On the days I work I have to somehow have D remember these items. This could be interesting.

I will try to post puppy pictures tomorrow... I know it's probably nauseating, but heck - I'd rather focus on them then what may or may not be happening with my body and what steps we may or may not take. Hope that makes sense!

*edited to add* Weimaraners have fragile tails - that is why their tails are do*cked so that they don't break their tails - when hunting, rough housing, etc which can cause a lifelong of pain for them... if you want to debate the humaneness of doc*king so be it, but not here... I will do whatever I need to do to ensure safe, healthy, and loving lives for these pups - never question that.


Anonymous said...

docking your puppies tails??????? how sad is that.

Maribeth said...

Get a big paper and write down the times of the day everyone pup or human should be getting meds. At one point, Shubi was on pills ever 2-4 hours and I had to set the alarm to give them to her. My list was my guide.
Yes, docking tails. People just don't understand that some things like tails and dew claws need to be done for the health of the dogs.
Did you like my preggo Greta video?

Brandy said...

Puppy pictures are NEVER nauseating! :-)

When I was a kid we had cocker spaniels who bred quite regularly and I can still remember all the sweet little puppies each time. You're obviously doing a great job and I'm sure they're going to be just fine.

Oh and I have to admit that personally I'm not a huge fan of tail docking but I also would never judge that either. We ALWAYS had our spaniels tails docked and their dew claws removed and they were all great. I'm sure you're doing the very best for your sweet puppies too and that's all that matters. Good luck!

DD said...

I think the puppies are a great distraction for everyone. If puppies would stay puppies forever, I'd have a dozen or so.

I can't wait until they start getting really active and playing. So, yes, pictures would be great.