Wednesday, December 06, 2006


We came home today from an errand to find the above picture...

I woke up tonight to the above picture.

White has become Houdini!

His eyes are still only slits, his vision is not that great... his coordination is abominable. Yet, he's managed to escape the whelpping box twice in a short period of time. We think what is happening is that there was a towel bunched up that would elevate you so you could go "over the edge" and escape and that he's using that rather than him climbing out. We shall see as I fixed the bunched up towel.

In other news - Runt aka Red will have to have her tail redone... she'll be going under anesthesia on Friday to do this... exposed bone just is not safe for her. We (meaning the vet, breeder we got Meghan from, D and I) think what occurred was that she suddenly had a growth spurt after her tail was done which led to the edges not to seal and the bone to become exposed.

On Friday everyone is getting checked out/looked at to make sure all are doing well. The vet asked that we bring them in for a look at just to make sure all are well. She feels bad about the tail. Red doesn't seem bothered by it at this point thank goodness.

Other than that life is good. Nothing on the fertility front... I'm 8 days post IUI so who knows what's going on in there. Hopefully something good.

**Edited to add** No Meghan isn't dropping "white" out of the box... she wasn't in the box the first time and the second time she was sleeping and I watched the little bugger escape today - he just has places to go and people to see apparently!


OHN said...

Could "mom" be putting him outide the box? Houdini is a great name ;)

Susie said...

HI - maybe megan is pushing white out of the box. I used to have a cat that did this to her weaker kitten.

Sami said...

Nope Mom's not pushing him out... I came home and watched the little escape artist do it again. I think he just wants to check out the surroundings now that he has vision. Good lord what is he going to do when he has hearing?

Linda said...

...looks like these grand escapes really tire the little guy out!!

linda in delaware

Granny said...

What cute puppies!!

Thanks for the kind words today. They help.

Ann from Blogging Baby