Friday, December 01, 2006

Puppy Pictures & Power Update

So far we still have power. Unfortunately we're all a bit stir crazy. I'm supposed to make dinner - but truthfully I have no clue what to make. Suggestions are welcome as I'm the cook for the next couple of days.

I wax and wane between being hopeful and despair as well as wondering if we need to do another s/a for D if this is negative. I'm thinking that that will be a definite if it is negative. D is of course open to whatever I feel needs to be done. I married a great man... he's been such a trooper through all this. Whatever I've suggested - he's been willing. He's also talked about IVF where as before he's been absolutely against it. That doesn't mean I'm completely for it, but I'm definitely open to all our options. You know me - I have to have a plan to feel secure about everything and so far we don't really have a plan but we know we have options which helps a lot.

In other news - Beta is definitely on December 11... Below are puppy pictures. Thank goodness for Margie - who uploaded the pics for me to my photobucket... so everyone could enjoy the cute little darlings!


Maribeth said...

Oh those fat little puppies look wonderful and Megan certainly looks like a good Mama!
I got the last of my supplies today and so I am all ready. The whelping box is in and that's ready too.

OHN said...

OH! What a pretty mama and those pups are adorable. I want the one that has his back legs stretched out :) The dog we lost a couple of weeks ago used to sleep like that and hubby (who by the way is a cop too) said Tucker laid like that cause "he was cooling off where his balls used to be"..gotta love a guy with a sense of humor and a gun ;)