Thursday, December 14, 2006

Because I said So...

So there take that everyone... I'm too busy in puppy land to even think or talk about what may or may not be going on in my uterus.

The new digs as we had a rash of escapes the other day resulting in some poop on the floor... not cool... very not cool.

Let them eat feet....

So yeah uhmm we're still in denial at the 10 canine household... it's actually not a terrible feeling to be honest. I'm focusing on the puppies right now and lemonade - which has been something that is consistent with every freaking positive I've ever had. Even the crappiest ones so who knows why I have that sign as a eureka kind of thing. D is even more ambivalent about this than I am - he's like "shouldn't it be darker" yet when I went to purchase 3 different brands of hpt's he was of the "why are you purchaisng all of those????" To waste money my dear watson... to waste money. I put the hpt's back... will buy more when he's NOT with me as seriously don't want to hear it.


OHN said...

Awwww for the puppies...God I miss my dogs!

Never buy anything around husbands..unless it involves a motor or requires batteries..they never see the importance of anything else ;)

Off topic question for you--as a fellow cop wife--does you hubby ever see things gray or is everthing black and white?

DinosaurD said...

Ah... the smell of limbo land. But at least you are still in the game with this one - right?

Maribeth said...

I know what you mean about puppies taking up all thought and activities in a house. Same here with our 5. It's hreat though, isn't it?

Mandy said...

Dang faint lines! Ack.

KrisAndRod said...

Man... i thought my tata's looked saggy after nursing!!

Feel free to delete this if you want, just had to write, as I'm cracking myself up.


Inglewood said...

Those puppies are the perfect distraction during the evil limbo period. How lovely.

I too purchase hpts behind my husband's back, I have a real POAS problem. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Gorgeous pups.