Friday, December 15, 2006

Onward towards magic number 12???

First - thank you for all the kind words in regards to the chemical... it sucks. It's crap... however it's what I get to deal with this holiday season.

Second - Those that I'm supposed to be mailing out holiday cards to... it will happen it just may take me a bit to actually get them out to you. I uhmm am running a bit behind - what with hiding in my bed with the covers pulled up. It's my own personal way of coping :)

Third - I'm on number 12??? Seriously... it took me multiple times to accurately count this particular journey... I'm still stunned... since of the 11 chemical, ectopic, or blighted ovums - 10 occurred since June 2005. I try not to tally these numbers up too regularly as well it's like reading someone elses story. It can't be about me. I think that these all just happened to my evil twin...

So uhmm yeah now we wait for the period to finally show up. I stopped the PIO on Friday so it'll probably be here on Monday. Fun times... I ordered the sticks for my monitor today and should have them by Saturday. I'll have to hpt every month and will most likely do that at 13-14 dpo each month. Here's hoping it only takes one month... *roflmao* Imagine me rolling my eyes... I sometimes kill myself. Although goodness that would be fabulous - not getting my hopes up. Heck I don't even get my hopes up now with a medicated cycle - why would I get my hopes up for a non medicated cycle.

Crispy - DD glad you liked the term. I figured it worked better then fried. Besides I'm low fat and baked :D.

Dino - when you come up with some better words than crap email me ;) I may have to start searching in other languages for how to describe my reproductive life. I just remembered an excellent word to describe our (D & my) reproductive journey FUBAR...

Talked with one of the RE's nurses... it's comical - she was a bit shocked that we had never just "tried" on our own with progesterone. I said yep me too... and then she looked back and goes - but you got pregnant on that "rest" cycle and I said yes, I did and I started the prometrium up after the positive as I wasn't planning on getting pregnant that cycle. Oh... I believe was her response. She asked - has anyone mentioned other options - I said nope... but if we come back we'll reevaluate at that time. She put a note in my chart, called in a script for PIO and wished us luck.

Oh yes and I have my annual scheduled for February - should be fun when I fill out the paperwork. I think I'm just going to print out the about me page of my blog and say here's a summary. Then watch my doc's eyes bulge out of his head. I believe he'd probably offer me just about whatever the heck I want in regards to medicine at this stage of the game.

This post is rambling because I am up in the middle of the night it's 2:30 in the morning and Meghan decided she wanted to tease the puppies... the poor things were following her around like lost hungry little ones and she kept moving, sit down for a minute then back up again. If the goal was exercise for the uncoordinated then she was successful in regards to that... if it was for them to figure out how to nurse while standing then well not so successful. Black got so frustrated she sat down in the middle of the box and started crying. It would have been comical if D hadn't been trying to sleep. I have to work tonight so he'll be in charge of getting everyone around on Sunday morning - he's got 9 more day shifts left then he's on midnights until April. He's dreading April. I'm dreading April to be honest. He's still not adjusted to the day shifts and he handles change even worse than I do.


OHN said...

I worked dayshift at our hospital, hubby worked either afternoons or nights and we were trying to make a baby...kinda hard when we were never home at the same time or one of us was exhausted and "not interested". We knew we were still married cause we wrote notes to each other-lol.

I think 2007 will be the year that your evil twin just has to GO!

Maribeth said...

Hugs, hugs, hugs!!!

Kath said...

Oh, Sami, I just found out. I am so very sorry. This is just... I'm looking for a new word here too, and failing utterly. It's just uspeakably awful. A big, big hug, my dear.