Monday, October 23, 2006

Change In Plans and Question?

We were supposed to be gone for a few days to the other side of the state... the purpose - to get Megan fixed and to visit family. Plans have changed... One of D's coworkers is ill so he has picked up an extra shift to help out.

D also felt bad as he was supposed to also set up my screening u/s for this morning when he paid the "bill". He didn't realize this until Saturday night when he told me. Not to worry - the RE's office though a bit irked at my 3rd party administrator they were able to fit me in for my scan.

So the protocol for this cycle... since my lining has been an issue and seriously my estradiol results have been pretty puny they have decided to try estrace in addition to the gonal-f... can't hurt. If you can picture me shrugging you'd be about right. We shall see what next Monday brings kind of thing. In the meantime I will be shooting up at 150 for the next 7 days. Fun fun fun... I start the estrace on Thursday - up the cooter so to speak. On the bright side - the estrace is blue... so this should be interesting.

Oh yes and not to be left out the 3rd party... spoke with them today. Informed them of how much I've paid... and she goes "You've paid too much." DUH!!!! Hello??? I was civil. I responded I know - however YOU haven't paid the RE and the RE would not allow me to schedule another appt until I paid the RE. So he's paid... now send me my money. We paid off our "tab" at the RE's office and then faxed the receipts for that to the 3rd party. I anticipate a check from them in oh... 2007. Actually about a week... hopefully sooner. I think they don't like dealing with me, though the chick on the phone answered like we were old friends even pronouncing my name correctly. D started laughing. After the call - he goes - it was like she knew you. Ya think? I've only talked with her at least once a week since August. Nincompoops!

On to the question... if everyone isn't bored already here goes.

Imagine this conversation - on your way home from the RE's office.

D- Look at the geese.
S- When geese fly south where exactly do they go?
D - I don't know... they just go south. You need to blog about this...
S - don't worry I will... take it you don't know?
D- Ask Dr. Google...

So - I did indeed ask Dr. Google who truthfully was not as informative as I hoped... I imagined that maybe there'd be a specific state that the geese of my state would go to... Nope... they just go South. No special place that they all congregate to spend their winters... I was very disappointed. However I have done my duty and blogged about it to satisfy my husband. In retrospect that conversation was definitely funnier during it than reading about it. I guess you had to be there... we were both pretty slap happy.

Off to take my gonal-f - I think I'll have to find a suitable chaser for that - something alcoholic in nature maybe? Suggestions?


DD said...

I don't have any suggestions for a chaser, but your conversation about geese reminded me of one of my favorite riddles:

When geese fly in a group, they form a "V". Why is one side of the "V" longer than the other?

Maribeth said...

I watched a show on DHC about infertility. Honestly Sam, I didn't know that much about it. Anyway, I learned a lot.
Could the longer V be aerodynamics?

KrisAndRod said...

I always thought they went all the way to Florida. Maybe that's just because when we go 'south' in the winter, that's where we head. That, and I figured if I was a goose, that's where I'd head! Sorry, no real scientific answer for ya.