Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Something In The Works

I didn't realize I would cause that much of a stir with the something in the works... So I shall give the background so you know how this came to be.

Thursday night last week I received an email from a list I'm on about weims. No biggie - generally I scan the digest and read what I need to know, look at the pics etc. A plea for help was one of the emails... I read the email, showed D the email and we both looked at each other and he said maybe we can help this woman.

The plea was for a home for one of 10 dogs. All I knew was that their owner had to find homes for her dogs and that she lived in my state and conveniently we would be on the side of the state that the dogs were being kept on Sunday. I contacted the person who sent out the email, got the owner's number and tried to call.

It took us until Saturday to get a hold of one another... the dog that we had been interested in had been adopted, but there were others to chose from and we decided (D and I) that we would go, see if any of the dogs felt right for our family and go from there. Keeping an open mind that we might not be coming home with a dog, but open to the possibility if that were the case.

After speaking with the owner who was also a breeder and a shower of weims I felt as if we had to at least go and see if it might be possible for us to help her out. She had become ill in January or February and almost died from sepsis... (a potentially lethal infection) hers was systemic and she was hospitalized for quite a long time. She lost her home and had to ask friends to take in her dogs and she could only keep 3 of her 13 dogs. The only reason why she was keeping the 3 was due to their ages. They were far too old to try and have them adjust to a new home... This woman loved each and every one of her dogs. She cried on the phone... I cried on the phone. The thought of having to give away any of my puppy dogs breaks my heart. These are members of my family... it would be awful.

D after hearing the story - said we have to see if we can find at least one that would work. I raised my eyebrows at least one? His words were "If we had a ton of money - I'd just give her money so she could keep her dogs and not have to give them away... instead we're going to help her to find a good home for at least one of her dogs." Okay...

Sunday came and we were off after D got out of work. Car fully loaded with 3 dogs, our clothes, some food, etc. We arrived at 8 pm. We were choosing between two of the dogs... One was 2.5 years old and the other was 7 years old.... one was not spayed, one was spayed. Both dogs would have been wonderful to have... I couldn't make the decision as to which dog to go with... I made D do it. I couldn't. I would take both of them home... forget infertility meds... I'd make it work. D the voice of reason - made the decision after the older dog went after Lola during the meeting.

Megan is our newest addition to the family. She's 2.5 years old, grey in color, and 45 lbs. She's a gentle, sweet, loving dog... who now hates cats due to D's old cat who put a whooping on poor Megan. She's slowly adjusting to life with us. We're adjusting as well. It's going well so far.

Megan still needs to go to obedience class, but other than that she's very well behaved. She's a bit food aggressive and a sneaky little buggar. Ultimately Megan has made our brood a bit bigger, but we don't regret it. Not even for a second.... and that is a good thing.


Maribeth said...

She is beautiful! And a very lucky lady! If Greta's breeder called me, I'd take two! LOL

Heather said...

What a beautiful dog! We adopted an abandoned Lab/Weim mix and she's been a wonderful addition to our family. Enjoy your new dog!

JMB said...

Congrats on the new member of the family! She's gorgeous! I'm with you, I probably would have taken them both.

The whooping from the cat? Well, in our house, that just seems to be a right of passage. Our genius doberman mix never gets tired of them-he still routinely gets several good thumps from our old lady cat.

Stephanie said...

She is absolutely beautiful! We have been contemplating a weim for some time now!

Thalia said...

Gorgeous dog you've got there. Have you posted pics of the others and I missed them?

Asha said...

Congrats on your newest family member. You and your DH are saints! We have a 10yo weim and dear god, I cannot imagine having two youngin weims at the same time (as much as I would love having another).