Monday, October 30, 2006

Pillow Top Mattress

I'm a pillow whore... I love pillows. My bed usually has a ton of pillows on them.

Today when I went to the RE's office I was hoping that we'd find a pillow top mattress (uterine lining) with at least 2-3 pillows on top.

Well... what we got was a pillow top mattress - endometrial lining was 10.2. I have never had 10.2. 10.2 is something that hasn't happened in all our cycles so I assume the estrace is working which is a good thing. I will be taking the estrace until a pregnancy test so we shall see kind of thing.

The pillow top was missing something... it only had one lonely little follicle on my left ovary that measured about 16.5. On the right ovary I think I had two other follicles she measured but they were only 8-9 so my left ovary sucked up the gonal-f. I think that I do better if you start at a lower stim than a higher stim so if we are a bust this next cycle we'll do that because both cycles we've started me at this higher dose I've managed 1 follicle rather than 2-3. I'm not being pessimistic, just remembering that things don't always go well for us. I'm hoping that the lining issue means we've reached a hurdle and that we'll manage to get pregnant and stay pregnant. I just have to have a plan for the what if's. What if this cycle is a bust? What if we have a chemical pregnancy? What if... it's better to know what you'll do than to wait until you have to know what you'll do. At least that's the case in my world.

I prefer to think of it as warding off evil spirits. Trigger is tomorrow. Then we wait.


DD said...

I have to admit that if I could have only a nice lining or multiple follicles, I would go for the nice lining.

You've given me such unfaltering support, Sami. Thank you. I truly hope that this is the cycle of success for you both.

Maribeth said...

At least the lining was up! That's so positive!
Hugs, Sweetie!!