Sunday, October 15, 2006

Prayers Needed For a Friend

I know I normally don't ask for something like this, but this is a special situation... one of my online buddy group buddies has apparently had a heart attack. She's doing fine, but prayers are needed for my friend... prayers, wishes, hope etc. She's got a 9 month old and a loving husband. She's a great friend, a great mom, a great nurse. The ironic thing is that she's young... she's barely 30 and in the last 6-8 months she's done a complete dietary change to the healthy side... she's dropped 50 lbs, gained muscle, endurance etc... and now this. I'm a bit shocked by the news. It's definitely made me put down the cookie.

So if you could... I'd appreciate if you send up a prayer for my friend. She's a great gal. I know you guys would like her if you knew her.


Maribeth said...

You've got them, sweetie!!!

Mandy said...

Yikes! It's always scary to hear about someone some young having a heart attack.

She and her family will definitely be in my prayers.