Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Whole Family

This picture so far is as good as it gets... getting everyone to sit next to one another only happens when we are in bed. By the way I'm not changing the blog name in spite of the number of dogs in our household having changed. I would like to figure out how to cross out the 3 and put a 4 there but I doubt I'm that html literate to figure that one out.

All four are finally starting to play with one another. Lola has gotten her nose back in place and apparently realized we have more than enough love for her and her siblings... and that Megan wasn't going anywhere that she was staying for the long haul.

Having four dogs I think makes this a pack of dogs. Fortunately they usually are not wild and they love to sleep. I currently have three dogs in bed with me. Chance cannot sleep in the bed because when under the covers and he cannot see who steps on him he lashes out... after being nipped a few times D has banned him from the bed unless you are awake and can watch out for someone stepping on Chance. Chance I think prefers his kennel due to the privacy factor - it's the only time he can be alone. Otherwise he's got Lola in there with him when we go any place.

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