Sunday, October 08, 2006

Will Be Away

As the title says... we will be away for a few days. Apparently my mom has disconnected the internet (in her words - I don't use it so why keep paying for it) she of course also pointed out that she doesn't even know how to connect. Which all of these things is true. So I will be internet less for a few days. Most likely till Tuesday night/Wednesday day. I'm not sure when we'll be leaving to come back exactly.

We also have something in the works...but I don't know if it will happen or if we will pass on the opportunity. We will decide tonight after a meeting. It should be interesting.

This cycle - if it happens great, if not that's fine to. We normally have our bases covered very well. The move to days has really screwed up my normally happy go lucky, nice, horny husband. Instead I have a bitchy, non horny husband who is seriously hating life. I know this will pass which is why when I got all pissed off yesterday by the end of the day I was fine. We didn't cover our bases as much as I would have liked or even as much as the doctor would have liked, but it's okay. One lone follicle doesn't necessarily mean a thing - it could still work. We're just not that hopeful about it. I'm almost tempted to not even do the pio, but then I know I'd hate myself if I didn't and we ended up with a positive. So we'll start the pio. I'll call in a favor and go with a beta because then I can stop the pio early and life is grand.

I already told D that come next month he's on the list... I will put a sign above the bed that says MUST HAVE SEX WITH WIFE and if he doesn't comply he's sleeping in the spare bedroom. I also told him if O day happened when both of us were working someone was calling in sick... and it won't be me. He's in agreement. He's apologized for his behavior the last few days... (a whiny pain in the ass) and is genuinely sorry. A part of him is tired of all the doctors appt's (he hasn't had to go to one but he tags along) and just the stress of trying. I think it's just a combination of things... adjusting to living together full time, adjusting to the new jobs, adjusting to now the new time of work... all has been too much for my guy. I know he'll adjust... it's just right now he's kicking and screaming like a two year old who has just been told NO they can't go to McDonald's. I also know that this too shall pass.

So hopefully the terrible two's (or terrible day shifts) will pass quickly. I pray they pass quickly. I'll be back Tuesday/Wednesday.


Mandy said...

I pray the terrible two's pass quickly for you as well.

Love the idea about the sign above the bed. I used to draw a heart on the bathroom mirror in lipstick around O time.

Interested to know what's "in the works"...doubt that it's a move to Idaho, but a friend can hope...

Jill said...

Hi Sami. I hope that you had a nice visit at your mom's house and that your husband will feel more like his old self again soon.
Of course I am also hoping that this cycle will work out for you.

I must admit I am very intrigued by "something in the works." I hope it's something great for you.

Anonymous said...

HI there, Sami. Hope you had a good break.

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At any rate, I thought I'd pass along word of the show in hopes that maybe you could help us get the word out, or at the very least, tune in yourself and become a part of the conversation.

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Hopefully, this is just the first of several programs that grapple thoughtfully with the challenges facing couples today. Many thanks in advance.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Grace Kahng

Mandy said...

Anxiously awaiting to hear about what was "in the works"...hope to get an update soon...