Thursday, October 26, 2006

Conversations and a Rant

Lets get the rant out of the way first... I hate hate hate hate hate hate that D is working days. I hate this for purely selfish reasons... his working days is messing with my sleep cycle. Currently it is 10:48 a.m. and I'm awake. I have to work tonight - this is not good... Not good at all. I have to work the next 4 nights which again today is day 1. This blows... seriously. The dogs are confused, my body is confused... I hate that he's working days.

Okay rant over... on to the conversations part...

This would be a transcript of recent phone conversations with my mother and D's response to these conversations.

S - We have to pay x money to the RE before we can get an appt?
Mom - Are you going to pay it? I can get money out...
S - it's already paid and no you don't need to help.
Mom - well if this crap keeps up I'll never have a grandchild.

D's response to hearing of this conversation... it's not for lack of effort on our part... Oh wait well maybe last month lacked effort, but all the other months I've had effort.

*edited to add - we actually found this particular conversation hillarious and D's response to me on the telling of the conversation was very funny because now he's openly admitting that that whole switch to days really messed him up last month. I wasn't offended by it and in fact know my mom would move heaven and earth if she could to make this easier for us as I'm pretty sure she figures it's her genes that have caused this snafu so to speak -though there is no proof of that. *

Mom - I signed a contract to have the roof done.
S - that's great
Mom - Do you think D will be mad? Do you think he'll think that's okay?
S - he'll think that's great
Mom - Are you sure? Can you ask him?
S- He won't care he'll just be happy that he doesn't have to fix the roof.
Mom - Oh - goodbye I have to get ready for church.

D's response - that's great why does she think I'll be mad again? S- no clue... she wants your approval though - can you call her?

This morning 5:40 a.m. phone call from my mom...

Mom - Did you ask him?
S- how about you talk to him...
Imagine grouchy husband not thrilled about being handed the phone at 5:40 a.m. when he hasn't even had his coffee yet.

Mom - no idea what she says as D has the phone
D- I haven't even had my damn coffee yet... I'll be leaving for work in about 40 minutes... yes that's great that you got the contract for the roof and it's gauranteed. Yes, I'll help with fixing the ceiling... no I don't know when, but I'll get it done. I promise. Now would you please focus on driving and get yourself safely to work... love you too.

You have to understand something... My mom adores D. She loves him as much as she loves me. D and her get along very well... in spite of my mom's zany quirks D is able to navigate and defuse any bombs she might have lingering around. D is fondly called "you asshole" and my mom is called "the crazy lady" in front of her and neither is offended. I always dreamed that the person I married would get along with my mom... I never realized how much pressure that takes off of me by having it true. Our relationship is enhanced by the fact that she gets along with D... D cares about my mom and worries about her. Fears that she'll be taken advantage of by a brother of mine that I refer to as the jackass. D loves my mom's craziness and zany quirks... he's just not thrilled with her 5:40 a.m. phone calls. I need to remind her to start calling D's phone rather than mine :D


Maribeth said...

Sam, I know there are times you want to seriously slug your Mom for saying something like that. Must make you crazy.
Hnag in there.

Mandy said...

Oh, I love your mom and her quirkiness! I'm glad too that she and D get along so well.