Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Drama Queens

Not really but who knows it could be right?

D apparently has to work at 0830 in the morning. He's less than thrilled. I think his thrill level is pretty comparable to when he has to go have his wisdom teeth removed, but without the drugs and novacaine... I could be wrong, but something tells me that come O dark early tomorrow morning I'm going to have my husband's evil twin on my hands rather than the guy I love. I may have to unleash my evil twin on his ass to get him to quit whining about it.

Apparently the incentive of a drug bust or buy (I so do not know the lingo) is going to cause D to be happy about this early morning call to duty. So far I know nothing about what he's doing... Which is fine with me... he comes home and we talk about the dogs.

Ernie has taken to twirling his kennel around while in it. Unfortunately this causes damage to Ernie's nose. The poor dog looks like someone has been beating his nose... in reality the only one beating Ernie is Ernie. Bad Ernie. Megan on the other hand spins in her kennels and I fear that if I put tassles on her nipples she'd look like a po*rn star rather than the beautiful weimaraner she is. Lola has taken to chasing after bunnies in the yard and not coming when called and Chance well Chance is curled up in his kennel under a bunch of blankets.

When Chance isn't in his kennel which while large for a mini dachshund is small to a weimaraner... Ernie when yelled at or pouting at not having a spot next to either D or me on the couch, bed, etc is climbing into Chance and Lola's kennel and fucking it all up. I say this because he does... he goes in there and is crouched all around - somehow manages to spin himself in there and then proceeds to try and bunch up the pillows/blankets just so. Chance generally at this point will stand outside the kennel and then come stare at either D or myself and go back to the kennel as if to say "WTF!!!!" He is less than thrilled. He wasn't thrilled that Lola was going to share his kennel, but she does have body heat so that made it okay... but then Ernie too? No. No. No. No. NO! So then either D or myself have to go and convince Ernie he needs to be out of Chance's kennel which then causes him to go to the "faux" kennel (it's a fabric kennel and seriously it wouldn't hold any of my dogs in it for longer than 15 minutes) and to make his point he gets that faux kennel rocking, rolling, on it's side, etc until finally it either caves in on him or he is able to sit down just so.

My dogs are drama queens. They learned it from my husband... because I of course am the picture of tranquility.

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