Saturday, November 04, 2006

It Must Be the Water...

I'm so happy to know I wasn't the only one irritated by D's friends comment. The sad part about her comments is that she isn't the first person to offer to send "water" - my mil and a few coworkers have offered as well. You can't fix clueless unfortunately especially in regards to my mil - would love for her to understand just how hurtful those comments are, but that would require her to "get" what these losses have done to her son and well they don't talk about their feelings. It's just not done.

As for being "perky" over here or persistently optimistic - don't worry perky is definitely not how I would describe myself. Unfortunately both D and myself are firmly stuck in reality. We know the odds of success are not high... yet we keep trying. I guess we're just stubborn and persistent.

Below is a list of the possible outcomes from this cycle - heck any cycle and D and I have discussed all of these outcomes at length... so we have plans for each. You know me I like to have a plan.
a) negative
b) positive
c) ectopic
d) miscarriage
e) viable pregnancy in utero with a heartbeat (CRAP we haven't discussed that one!)

In regards to e if we're given the opportunity to even get to the point of seeing a heartbeat we'll take it a step further and start talking about all the other stuff. For now I think a through d covers the possibilities and if we have e then we can wing it for the most part.

Hope that made sense... I'm still brewing over my siblings, but trying to figure out how to even explain my relationship with my siblings... maybe we'll tackle that particular issue tomorrow or my mom and her relationship with my siblings... that would probably be more interesting.

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Nica said...

Re: sending the water and all inane comments. My favorites still remain the ones that are in the "just relax and it'll happen" variety.

I vote for option #4