Monday, November 06, 2006

This Could Be Interesting or Not...

D is going to be working with the drug task force this week doing "training". Truthfully I have no idea what kind of "training" you can do in jeans, t-shirt, bullet proof vest, and a gun but what do I know - I'm just a nurse. It should be interesting to say the least. He will be working 8 hour shifts and it'll be from 2pm -10 pm... I'm thinking just how many drug dealers is he even going to interact with? I could of course be wrong. He's giddy. It's comical and I'm probably peeing on his parade by being snarky about it. We went to find the place that he has to report to... I won't disclose locations, but I thought it was comical. I have that kind of sense of humor.

I truly take my husband's job seriously - most days. Then there are days when I don't. Today apparently is one of the don'ts. D couldn't look like a drug dealer without a hollywood dresser coming in and dressing him. This is of course just my opinion in spite of some of the music D listens to... it's just not believable. I truthfully also do not really know what he'll be doing this week. I assume it's dealing with drugs, but heck it could be hookers. Who knows. I'm sure I'll have lots to tell as the two weeks go by.

In the meantime - I currently have 1 dog, 1 husband and myself in the bed. Every now and again Megan or Ernie will attempt to sleep in the bed. We're trying very hard to enforce that they have to sleep in their bed. The two weims in one bed is quite comical. We recently put the duvet cover back on and well it's warm and toasty and makes Lola have to come out from under the covers about halfway through the night. This is the pooch who falls asleep on a heating pad if given the opportunity. So yeah it gets that warm.

In other news... Megan - well I'm beginning to wonder if she isn't knocked up or have a pseudopregnancy going on... her nipples are a bit enlarged/engorged/whatever you want to call them but they're not right! I of course haven't taken her to a vet yet... If she is that's fine... if she's not that is fine as well - actually that would be great if she wasn't. If it's a pseudopregnancy though you have to time the spaying to when it's resolved... and well how the heck do you know it's resolved. No - I've never had an intact female so yes this is my first time and no I do not having any working knowledge of the canine reproductive system other than what Dr. Google tells me. So any and all advice is appreciated. D says her nipples get larger whenever she drinks water. He would like to purchase a coconut bra for her at this point.

I got nothing to say about my reproductive foray... we're shooting up and of course taking the estrace and that's about it. Can't wait for next Tuesday to hurry up and get here so we can either stop or continue.

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JMB said...

Our lab had a false pregnancy, and all that we could do was wait until things seemed to have normalized, and then we had her spayed. The goofiest part of the whole thing was that she seemed to have a need to take care of something-anything to take the place of her phantom puppies. She adopted two of our then three cats. Seriously, if #3 would get too close to #1 or #2, she would growl and chase them away. After going through that, the decision to spay her was easy-she would have been a great mommy, but I didn't want to have to deal with any aggression issues.