Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Game Has Begun

Well with trigger on Tuesday - ovulation should occur sometime on Thursday (today). What that means is the festivities have begun. I can thankfully say that all systems have been good to go and we will not be having the problem that we had last month of lack of effort on anyone's part.

We have had a dilemma... Megan. Megan has been an issue we had to figure out how to a) get her off the bed and b) get her to stay off the bed. Fortunately we figured this problem out on Sunday rather than on Tuesday because we would probably be quite irritable right about now. D brought out the dog bed and sat it next to the bed and made Ernie lay down. Then he'd tell Megan to lay down (imagine a 45 lbs dog giving you the finger that's the look he got) as she jumped up onto the bed and prepared to lay down on her side of the bed (my side). D grab her collar drag her down and make her lay down in the bed.... and repeat. After about 10 times of this, D would relax as Megan was laying down for a moment. Lights off - Megan back up on the bed. Drag back down - make her lay down... say a prayer that she'd stay down. This was quite the process... the sad part is that after the first night it did get better, but still required the reinforcement of the laying in the dog bed. So our romantic interludes have been well interspersed with dog training. Apparently having 4 dogs makes this whole ttc thing quite comical. Chance in the kennel... Megan and Ernie in the dog bed and Lola under the covers at the foot of the bed with a preseed cap to keep her occupied (she loves preseed caps actually she loves anything plastic).

So that's what the last few nights have had occupying our time.

D and I were talking and I asked if he knew how long it was that we'd been trying... and he goes nope, but it's been a while. Total time since we started trying - 21 months. Total number of pregnancies (chemical, miscarriage, and ectopic) 10. Total number of months we didn't try in that 21 month period - 6. Our average is just shy of 50% if you include total months... and like 75% if you take into acccount the months we were on a rest or pregnant and waiting to find out if it was going tits up. That's freakish. Plain and simple. We're a bunch of freaks. D just looked at me and goes - on the one hand it doesn't seem that long because we haven't made this into a chore... on the other hand hearing the number of months makes me go - geez has it been that long then slowly realize yep it's been that long. I know I've got back up plans, but still it'd be nice for once not to need the back up plan.

Here's hoping this month will be the month that I can finally throw my back up plans out the window. Wouldn't that be nice?

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