Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Puppies, IUI, Oh my!

Lets see puppy update... still have 6 all doing well. Will post pics tomorrow.

Monday found us taking Chance to the vet for a rabies vaccine and to check out the bites from Megan. D was worried about them as the one on his back was still bleeding every now and again and since I developed cellulitis so quickly he didn't want to take the chance Chance was doing that as well. Chance weighed in at a svelte 12 lbs 3 oz. (apparently feeding him the diet food is helping) though he still needs to lose a pound or two. Wounds are fine. Rabies shot went well. This is the first time D has had to take him to the vet alone and so I had to write out a detailed history to help him out and so that they wouldn't vaccinate him against other things as the bugger is allergic to 2 other vaccines.

Tuesday found me working Monday night and Tuesday night... Tuesday day involved us taking pups and Megan to the vet for tail do*cking and dew claw removal... they did great. The vet thought they looked excellent and that their weights are doing well as well. She was amazed at how "healthy" the pups are as she saw Megan on Monday of last week and would have thought the pups would be undernourished or not as many. So... so far so good.

Wednesday - D procured his specimen and drove to the office to drop it off... got lost on the way and called me in a panic. Got there with a few minutes to spare. We had the IUI at around 10:45... his count was 5.7 million washed (no clue if that's good - I believe it's an "ok" count rather than excellent) D blames it on the fact we had dtd on Monday morning... lesson learned we'll abstain longer. The nurse attempted to do the IUI however my cervix - not so friendly. It apparently wanted to hide rather than stay and play. She tried at least three times to make it happen without success. Of course the room was missing the equipment she was looking for so she went out to get it and came back with Dr. Nice - (he's my doctor's partner) and he is very nicel, a bit quiet. He switched catheters to the curved one and said he'd give it a shot before we went for the gripper (aka tena*culum). He was successful. Thank goodness. Laid with my hips up for 10 minutes and then off we went.

So who knows what's going on in there... hopefully a few good sperms meet up with those eggs and at least one decides to stick around.

Will post pics tomorrow of puppies... here's an update on their weights over the last few days all weights are in ounces. bw - birthweight.
1. Boy - bw 12.2 - 13.4, 17 oz
2. boy- bw 13.4 - 14.5, 17.9 oz
3. boy - bw 14.8, 15.1, 18.9
4. girl bw - 10.1, 10.8, 14.2
5. girl bw 10.8, 11.2, 14.2
6. girl bw 9.6, 9.6, 12.7


Maribeth said...

I've got my fingers crossed!
Greta goes to the Vet today for her pre-natal check. Got my fingers crossed. She is really restless today.

Anonymous said...

I am routing for you two. I too had trouble getting pregnant, however for different reasons. I went through treatment for over a year until I finally became pregnant with twins... there are so many new treatment. I so hope one works for you.