Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why Me?

Dealing with my mother and dealing with a car salesman should require me to get a medal... a prize (preferably monetary in value). It's awful.

I've had multiple phone calls from Mom in regards to the price of the car - etc. In her mind if she could shop at Goodwill and get a car she would. She would have lost her mind if I had taken her to Saturn where she couldn't haggle about the price. However haggling is not something I truly truly enjoy so this has been awful. I'm tired of the phone calls... I'm truly tired of them.

Today found me getting a panic phone call from Mom regarding the insurance... she had spoke with them 3 times in the space of 10 minutes (I learned this after talking to our insurance lady - Who both D and I LOVE! She rocks!) My mother after talking with the insurance lady called me and then I had to call the car salesman and then call the insurance lady with the info. Talk about a roundabout way of gettiing things done. This is the way it's going to be all weekend... and I have to work ALL weekend. Let the fun begin.

*On the Megan front... I think she popped after we heard the confirmation because our girl certainly has a different figure than she had a few days ago. I felt at least one puppy in there moving around and probably 2 other puppies in there... I'm not certain of course, but it was definitely something. Megan likes to spend most of her days lying on her back belly up with her feet in the air. We've yet to figure out where she's going to have these puppies... we've got to figure all this stuff out soon... Poor D he's totally overwhelmed by the prospect. I am as well, but who can't be a bit happy about puppies - wiggly little balls of fur and in our case these will most likely be silver sleek little weimaraner puppies. As Megan was only around other weimaraners. This should be interesting and hopefully not too plentiful.

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