Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Research Study

D and I recently participated in a research study... it was for the male perspective on recurrent miscarriage. I filled out a survey - actually 2-3 surveys and D then had to do a telephone interview.

D is such a trooper... seriously - he felt he didn't give her the response she wanted... but truthfully the pregnancies for him have all rolled together - there's really only 3 that stand out for him... The first... the one in January when we were on clomid and then our rest cycle and accompanying D/C. He's plain and simply put lost track of them. To be honest so have I. It's the reason why I've updated my about me... because if I don't write it down - they all blend together - one after another chemical pregnancy...

I'd describe D and I as a "extra crispy". I recently attended a Resolve meeting and it was good... It helped... I love my online groups, but meeting real people was nice as well. D even came in towards the end (after going shooting at the range for an hour to blow off some steam in regards to Megan's news). He's not sure if he'll go back or not... he's fine either way. He'd rather shoot though as that's how he deals with his emotional issues - he either talks with me or shoots something whether it be with live bullets and a target or a video game that requires shooting.

We all have different ways we cope... mine is sleep - who am I to argue with his if it works.


Mandy said...

I have to admit that D's way of coping definitely works for me as well. There's nothing quite like the blowing off some steam at the range.

TeamWinks said...

I can see how shooting things would help, but I'm more like you...sleep is the answer for me too.