Thursday, November 16, 2006

What to do?

First since I enjoy posting conversations with my mother and truthfully I have nothing of importance to say - here goes...

Mom - Jackass came through the surgery fine?
Me - Why did Jackass have surgery?
Mom - He got hurt at work... his shirt got caught and his arm got crushed. Didn't you know
Me - (thinking in head - hello? The only way I'd have this info was if she had told me) Nope didn't know... glad to hear he's okay.
Mom - I was there for it... it's what your dad would have wanted.
Me - I'm glad you were able to be there for him (as for what dad would have wanted - I hate the times when she says this because yes he would have wanted her to be there for Jackass but he would have also wanted Jackass to be a better person)
Mom - I was just thinking about you and had to call... how's D
Me - D's fine... and when are you coming for Thanksgiving?
Mom - Wednesday night...

So my mom is coming Wednesday night... should be interesting to say the least. I'm sure I'll have at least one trip for a cooter cam visit while she's here. She wants to go car shopping... an all wheel drive vehicle. On the one hand I think that's great on the other - not so much. Shopping where haggling involved with my mom is kind of like waiting for a bomb to go off and the bomb squad trying to neutralize the thing... so this could be interesting.

Cycle 20 hasn't started yet... I figure it'll be here either today or tomorrow. Either way it'll be okay. I'm still doing searches on literature to either say yes to the IUI or no... I think ultimately it will depend on whether or not there is more than one egg... if it's just one egg- NO... if more than one - YES... makes it rather simple then for us to decide.

In other fronts I'm going to ask them to use the drug doses from two cycles ago as that one yielded the best number of eggs... 2-3 I believe that were mature. We'll see how that suggestion goes - but seriously - 2 cycles with 1 egg with the same med dosages leads me to believe that that's not the answer. I could of course be wrong. We shall see.

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