Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wheeling and Dealing

U/S on Friday showed no cysts. I know the u/s is precautionary but seriously - not one single cyst has ever graced these ovaries - why would one suddenly crop up now when we're on cycle 7 for injectables? I decided to have my fsh tested - of course I was supposed to get those results tonight, but I'll have them in the morning. It was left up to me whether I wanted the test done or not - apparently last month was the only month I responded so poorly. It could have been due to becoming tolerant to meds. Since I'm a) young and b) ovaries have been responsive we're going full speed ahead and increasing the meds in the hopes of a few good ones showing up to party with D's sperm. I'll be doing the estrace again as well and I'll have another u/s on Friday. In other words let the games begin.

D after hearing of the cost of an IUI - his words (not a bad price) has voted to do the IUI if we have more than one follicle for his sperm to aim for. Got to love that my husband while he has no problem performing on command wants the best bang for our buck (again his words) and any percentage point increase in success in his eyes is a better chance (math is not his strong suit). He feels this way in part because if this fails we'll be going the natural route with progesterone supplementation after ovulation for a while.

Now on to the meat and potatoes of this post...

Yesterday was not a great day.... truthfully today wasn't much better. With my mother's planned visit next week she has been on me to go and price out an all wheel drive vehicle for her with a trade in of her truck of course. Now this isn't an easy thing to do because I don't know all the details of her truck and it's not like she does either. She has to have an all wheel drive vehicle as truthfully her truck is a death trap. One time while D was living with her (I was there at the time as well) she decided to ignore both of our wishes and drive her and her dog Sadie when the roads were awful. She ended up in the ditch with the front end of her truck literally perpendicular to the road and the back end of her truck up in the air. Poor Sadie was traumatized from the event. D was livid when we got the phone call because she didn't listen and because she could have been seriously hurt. So with D no longer living with mom he's worried about her driving a truck that is awful in snow and ice. So we've been car hunting for her.

We had a great salesman for our last purchase... I wanted this guy again. Of course the guy we had has since left the dealership - imagine cursing occurring because it well did. I ended up with someone I used to work with when I was a paramedic. We'll call this guy Slick - because seriously he is very slick... and while charming you can't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. So I spent two days with Slick (Friday and Saturday) and I'm going to end up spending part of Monday with him to hammer out this deal as well as Friday to get my mom to sign the papers etc. My mom of course has an unreasonable price that she wants - that I can't get for her... and I have to be the one to break the news to her. She turns her cell phone on then turns it off so the whole phone negotiations have been so much fun.

I came home and I've had D make me a drink. It's been that kind of day. I hope the rest of the week gets better. Seriously.

Will update with FSH numbers once I know them in the morning (apparently they can only be run during first shift) bastards.

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